Schroth Latch Link Harness 5PT SFI 16.1



The Schroth Latchlink III offers 3″ laps belts with pull up adjustment with a sub-strap configuration with a SFI 16.1 certification.

The 3″ Latchlink lap belts come with a pull-up for both the left side and right side belt. This allows a racer to configure his/her lap belts to work the best way possible for their particular application. The 3″ Latchlink laps can be used in conjunction with the 2″ shoulder belts.

The Latchlink III comes with a single sub-strap

All points on a Latchlink III belt, regardless of configuration, come with wrap in hardware. Bolt-in or snap-in hardware must be purchased separately but can be installed on any point.

Available in black only.

Available on backorder

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