Woodward SCA700 Collapsible Column


The SCA700 is a housed upper steering column used in Supercars, Nascar, Supertourers and other racing series around the world.
A steel torque tube rotates inside a lightweight aluminium jacket, with a heavy-duty ball bearing and a splined shaft which can telescope inside the torque tube for a full nine inches (220mm), adding a large margin of safety for the driver during collapse of the forward crush zone in a high-speed crash.

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How to order:

1. Decide where the U-joint will go (usually just outside the firewall). Sit in the car and hold the steering wheel where you want it. Have a helper measure from the near end of the U-joint to the mounting surface of your steering wheel as shown in the drawing below.

2. Select the splined telescoping shaft (SL20, SL17 or SL15) that will best fit your installation. Note that the SL20 and SL17 can extend through a support bearing–as shown–and the SL15 cannot. If you use an SL15, the shaft to which it connects must be supported. Subtract the amount which corresponds to your splined shaft (14, 11, or 9.25 inches) from your overall measurement.

3. Subtract 1.0 inch for the boot cuff, 2.38 for the QR hub, and an additional .3 inch if you will be adapting a 6-bolt wheel. The remainder is the length of your column jacket. Select the closest jacket from the list. The ordering number for your safety column is made up of your jacket and splined lower shaft, e.g. SCA700-1775-SL17, SCA700-2475-SL20, etc

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SCA7001375SL15, SCA7001575SL17, SCA7001775SL17, SCA7002075SL17, SCA7002275SL17, SCA7002475SL17, SCA7001575SL20, SCA7001775SL20, SCA7002075SL20, SCA7002275SL20, SCA7002475SL20