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The softest rubber mix in its class; Phenomenal grip; quickly reaches optimum temperature. Incredible 50.6 degree lean angle on dry asphalt; Cornering confidence beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.

The Michelin Pilot Power is the tyre that has the competition worried. Not only can it achieve a lean angle of more than 50 degrees on dry pavement, but as much as 41.9 degrees in the wet!!.

With progressive handling even in extreme situations, it offers superb feedback at the limit and maintains stability under hard acceleration.

The Pilot Power brings Michelin’s competition know-how to the road; its MotoGP-derived rubber compound requires very little warm-up time. Pilot Power; 100% pure racing ingredients! New rubber mix derived from MotoGP tyre development. This softer rubber was developed to preserve tyre performance even at advanced stages of wear.
Rubber remains soft even at lower temperatures for excellent grip even at the start of a ride.
With a grooved area that’s less than 12% of the tread pattern, cornering adhesion is phenomenal.

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MICH R 120/70ZR17 POWERF (Front), MICH R 180/55ZR17 POWERR (Rear), MICH R 190/50ZR17 POWERR (Rear), MICH R 190/55ZR17 PILOT POWERR (Rear)