For tuning masterminds working with racing professionals looking for the most advanced engine control system, this is it
On the track, winning or losing comes down to details. That’s why MaxxECU PRO can access just about any information – Tune to perfection

Includes our easy-to-use MTune software for intuitive tuning, and real-time monitoring / control with our wireless MDash Android app
Selected features
Launch control
Knock control
Boost control (triple stage)
Nitrous (stages)
Traction control
VANOS / VVTi, variable valve timing
CAN bus (dual)
Auto transmission support
Advanced dragracing functions
Flex fuel
2 knock sensor inputs
12 EGT inputs (separate harness)
16 injector outputs (high/low impedance)
12 ignition outputs
22 extra analog inputs
10 extra digital inputs
30 extra outputs (GPO)
Wideband lambda (dual)
E-Throttle (dual)
Waterproofed aluminium case

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